For our subscribers, we are the gateway to a myriad of content genres, both local and international. As we draw from a huge portfolio of content partners, we are also working to constantly update our vast pool of knowledge regarding the needs of even the most nuanced markets and secure exclusive distribution rights annually.

Local expertise

An in-depth understanding of the suitability of content empowers us to be able to tap into the needs of their subscribers in markets that are demographically and linguistically diverse. This is where our local insight comes in.

We maintain pro-active, managed relationships with an array of local and international content providers and producers. We have a critical eye on local market trends and demands, up-and-coming talent and top sellers. This knowledge benefits our partners as quality content generates revenue and their service offerings are perceived to have a higher value by their subscribers.

Multiple content types & channels

Our Various Content Types Include: Comics, Memes, Educational Contents, Ebooks, Upskilling, Certifications Etc. That Are Delivered Via Various Channels globally.


Our processes

Our Content Aggregation processes covers the following main activities:

Content partners management

Content is our department. As an authority on the needs of subscribers within each market, we stay abreast of new releases and pro-actively source the latest content. Our subscribers can be assured of accountability and only the highest standards of service.

Contract management

One of the biggest benefits to our partners is the fact that they no longer need to deal with multiple contracts for multiple content providers. We handle all contract negotiations, renewals and revisions with content suppliers, saving our subscribers time.

Copyrights management

We have extremely strict protocols in place for copyright management, making sure all paperwork is water-tight, so as to prevent any unwanted legal repercussions concerning distributions.

Content delivery

Making full use of our industry knowledge, we source the most profitable content types within niche demographics and deliver on agreed frequencies to our partners. Our highly efficient service extends to:

  • Moderation of content;
  • Categorisation (cataloguing appropriate to genre);
  • Formatting (conversion into the necessary file formats);
  • Quality assurance (whereby sound quality, correct format and metadata are checked);
  • Upload to the mobile operator platforms (sometimes, to more than one platform).
  • Curation of Contents

Reporting & payments

We generate monthly reports specific to each content provider, as well as sending these to them to facilitate constant constructive feedback. Periodical evaluations based on performance (content sales) are shared with our partners.

Content categories

We offer contents from a considerable range of categories. They are: